Temple Shalom

William and Charlotte Bloomberg Jewish Community Center
Temple Shalom

Interfaith Families

At Temple Shalom, we welcome everyone to join our worship services and to participate in all of our educational programs and communal activities. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and accessible pathway to Jewish tradition and life to those who were born Jewish, those who have formally chosen Judaism and for those who are part of Jewish couples or families.

Membership in our diverse community is open to both Jews and their supportive spouses from other faith traditions and commitments. Interfaith families and couples are an important and growing part of our diverse Jewish community. We welcome you to actively participate in the life of our community and to attend all of our services and programs. We will support you on your personal and/or family’s Jewish journey.

Interfaith families who are considering joining our Temple community as members may have questions about Temple Shalom and its practices. Rabbi David is happy to meet to discuss these issues in greater depth, and to learn from you and your families how we can serve you better.

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