What are you looking for in a synagogue?

When you think about joining a synagogue, what do you think of? 

Is it joining a place for worship and tradition? A place to come together as a community? A place to help your children strengthen their Jewish identify and prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

There are plenty of ways to see if Temple Shalom is the right community for you.

Join us for Friday evening or Saturday morning services, or Wednesday Minyan. Come to one of our holiday or other social events. If you have children, join us for Tot Shabbat or a sing-along.

For more information on any of these, or to learn more about our community, contact, or explore our website.

For Families with Children

Children are welcome at all services to spend time in the playroom and the play area in the back of the sanctuary (for quiet play). Kids often wander into the sanctuary at favorite times, such as the Shema or the carrying of the Torah. This is a time when customs are passed L’Dor Vador, from generation to generation.

If you’re looking for a synagogue where your family can find a Jewish home, consider Temple Shalom. At our monthly Tot Shabbats, children and parents have an hour of singing, puppets and Jewish learning. Older children can attend a service just for them at Shabbat Yeladim or Junior Congregation (check out our children’s services page for more information). Older children also attend our religious school where they learn about Jewish culture, values, life cycle events and the Hebrew language. 

Other events include story hour, game nights, and in the summer, a weekly family swim in our pool. 

For Interfaith Families

At Temple Shalom, we welcome everyone to join our worship services and to participate in all of our educational programs, communal activities and social events. Our members come from all different faith journeys, and we embrace their experiences and perspectives.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and accessible pathway to Jewish tradition and life to those who were born Jewish, those who have formally chosen Judaism and for those who are part of Jewish couples or families.

Membership in our diverse community is open to both Jews and their supportive spouses from other faith traditions and commitments. Interfaith families and couples are an important and growing part of our diverse Jewish community. We will support you on your personal and/or family’s Jewish journey.

Interfaith families who are considering joining our Temple community as members may have questions about Temple Shalom and its practices. Rabbi Dell’Era is happy to meet to discuss these issues in greater depth, and to learn from you and your families how we can serve you better.

For Everyone

Temple Shalom stands for inclusivity, welcoming all Jews and their families into our community. Temple Shalom strives to be a safe and loving home for people of all races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.  We embrace, without hesitation, singles and families of all kinds, including interfaith families, and families with or without children. Our members have varying levels of formal Jewish education, and come from different denominational backgrounds. Temple Shalom deeply values the immeasurable contributions Jews by choice make to our community.  We endeavor to eliminate any real or perceived barriers to full participation, by all members, in the congregation’s social, educational, and religious life; and encourage the participation of non-Jewish members consistent with Jewish law.

At Temple Shalom our membership is growing. The words we keep hearing are warm and wonderful. 

When you think about joining a synagogue, could it be Temple Shalom?